FaceCure is the world’s first virtual urgent care provider. Delivering basic health care straight to the comfort of your own home by fully trained technicians, FaceCure revolutionizes convenience while committing itself to the same quality of care that you’ve come to expect; unfortunately, visits to the emergency room or urgent care facilities can have egregious wait times, but with FaceCure, members may select appointment times 24 hours a day, having a technician arrive without latency.

By utilizing an Uber-like system of competent technicians, Arthur Runyan and Karl Nguyen, founders of FaceCure based out of Simi Valley, California, believe they can achieve mass adoption at a fraction of current insurance costs.

“We feel strongly that convenience is not only the efficiency of a person’s time but, if we diagnose a patient early enough, we may be able to save their life.” Arthur Runyan

Once the technician’s readings are finalized, they’re subsequently submitted to an available doctor for interpretation. An estimated amount of time until the doctor FaceTimes you will be sent to the user’s e-mail and phone. From there, recommendations will be made and prescriptions written to the pharmacy of the member’s choice.

Easy, affordable and intimate, FaceCure aims to solve common motifs that plague the healthcare industry.

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