Existing Medical Care

The Current Care Delivery system

For Patients
Physically going to a doctor’s office when you feel too ill to drive, including seniors with limited mobility and transportation.

  • Endure the long wait time for less than a 15 minute exam
  • Selecting a provider without knowing their credentials
  • Patients want to be more proactive with their health but lack the tools to do so
  • Wait an additional amount of time at the pharmacy for medications
  • Limited appointments result in a rise of retail clinics and urgent care centers for readily accessible care

For Providers
Increase in overhead north of 70% of revenue

  • Stress from staff problems and the administrative side of medicine
  • Burden to meet confusing and substantial growth in regulations from MACRA and Meaningful use standards
  • Increase in volume of documentation required cuts into patients’ care time
  • Expect the physician, in less than 15 minutes, to: be empathetic, complete all fact findings, detail the documentation of the visit, fulfill Meaningful Use criteria, and achieve quality measures

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