FaceCure Financial Projections

Revenue Sources

Four Tear Revenue Generation

  • Tier 1 – Patient Registration: Subscription fee of $10 per month per user, for maintenance and access to their personal health records and a network of online-active providers. (After our test market is complete)
  • Tier 2 – Provider Revenue Sharing: FaceCure collects 55%, the remaining 45% will be reimbursed to the provider(s).
  • Tier 3 – Pharmaceutical Revenue Sharing: The contracted pharmacies will subject to a 3% revenue sharing of the total prescription revenue submitted through the FaceCure network. Patients spend an average of $1,300 per year in the U.S. on their prescriptions.
  • Tier 4 – Medical Billing Services: FaceCure will collect 6% of the total collection payments from the provider(s) to send claims and work with their account receivables.

Actual MRR & Valuation

Our Monthly Recurring Revenue from 5/1/18 through 6/31/18 is approximately $48,000. We still have a few thousand dollars in AR outstanding for both of the months.

FaceCure is able to build our database and patient use at a rapid rate from our FaceCure connected physician’s long standing practices. We are slowly moving the patients over to virtual patients.

In June 2016 we had a preliminary valuation completed for Eprosystem, which owns FaceCure, completed well before our product expansion. Eprosystem’s preliminary valuation came in close to 200 million dollars. We are currently looking into one of the larger valuation companies to complete our up to date valuation.

Eprosystem just completed the government’s Meaningful Use Stage 3 certification and once we complete our connection to the block chain within the next few months we will have the new valuation completed. We expect the new valuation to come in around 300 +/- million dollars.

Funding & Milestones

EproSystem seeks to raise $5,000,000 in exchange for equity position. FaceCure is launched in test markets and looking to expand in the fourth quarter of 2018. The company requests a 3-stage fund distribution:

  • Stage One: The immediate $1 million will finance continuing efforts in research and development and to introduce the product to a few test markets (4th quarter 2018).
  • Stage Two: An additional $2 million will finance additional test markets and prepare for a nationwide launch.
  • Stage Three: An additional $2 million will finance the nationwide implementation of FaceCure, including the launch of its nationwide marketing campaign. FaceCure Milestones
  • May 1st , 2018: Launched FaceCure app and employ operational infrastructure.
  • June 1st , 2019: Develop initial 3 test markets.
  • January 5th 2019: Expand test markets to 10.
  • January 5th 2020: Scale nationwide to 20 markets.

The FaceCure Future

The Most Interconnected Medical Platform on the Planet

  • Leveraging the Telecommunication infrastructure and cloud storage and application hosting
  • To compliment the vision of reach to the population, a fully integrated FDA approved, Cyber secure Vital signs and Cardiopulmonary medical tablet in a M2M setup to minimize human interaction during screening or triage.
  • We are currently in the race to become the first 2015 Stage 3 EHR company to connect our complete solution to the BlockChain.
  • Once we complete our BlockChain connectivity you will be able to have a complete virtual medical exam done from the comfort of your home and have the ability to go anywhere in the world and have your medical data with you at all time in case of an emergency or transfer of records because you as a patient will own your data the way the medical industry should be.

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