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FaceCure Starts Development on the First Open-Source EHR on the BlockChain

The first generation of the digital revolution brought us the Internet of information. The second generation — powered by blockchain technology — is bringing us the Internet of value: a new platform to reshape the world of business and transform the old order of human affairs for the better. — Don Tapscott

How FaceCure will reimburse their Angel Investors:

Excerpts From The Blockchain Whitepaper:

Table of Contents
1. Monthly subscriptions from FaceCure members
2. CureCoin Blockchain, ICO and Token Dissemination
3. High-Frequency Trading of ICO and Subscription Generated Money
4. FaceCure Franchisees


1. FaceCure Patient Subscriptions

FaceCure is aiming to bring convenience to those with lesser resources, whether it be money, time or age. By subscribing to our monthly payment program, all participants will be entitled to the healthcare they deserve, from emergency hospital visits to at-home care for less severe illnesses. In addition to medical, patients will also receive dental and vision at participating practices. Individuals who wish to subscribe will pay a monthly fee of $150 for full coverage; households of up to four will pay $300 for full coverage.

After registering on FaceCure.com, each adult member will receive a FaceCure debit card in the mail. Each card is pre-loaded with 50 coins, the monthly-distributed amount. Coins can be used for basic healthcare such as technician home visits, Skyping a doctor or, eventually, a Portable Observation and Diagnostic System (PODS). The coins cannot be used for hospital visits until a time when CureCoin is widely adopted; instead, FaceCure will pay out of pocket for each individual’s care. We have this ability because of the breadth of our business plan: Blockchain, High-Frequency Trading, Memberships and Franchising income afford us the opportunity to give back.



A) Blockchain/ICO

Blockchain is a transformative technology that stores compressed and encrypted data on immutable ledgers in either centralized (servers) or decentralized (nodes hosted by volunteers globally) manners. In an effort to upkeep brevity, we won’t explore it’s background any further; we will, however, discuss its interconnectivity to the marketplace.

With the invention of Bitcoin in 2011 and the subsequent blockchains released soon after—like Ripple and Ethereum—exchanges and trading pairs were born. Over the years the crypto-market cap has risen sizably. In April of 2013, it was approximately $1.5 billion according to coinmarketcap. Today, it exceeds $250 billion. Many projects have entered this space, piggybacking on the technology but ultimately have brought nothing of significance with them. And because of this, they’ve failed. It is only those with purpose, pragmatism, those with foresight and distinction, merit and determination, that sustain themselves; FaceCure checks every box.

Concurrent with the development of our blockchain, we’ll also be readying ourselves for an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). With a hard cap of 24 million dollars, we will be able to achieve our realistically ambitious roadmap both on time and thoroughly. The decision to involve ourselves in this industry spawns from the realization that blockchain compared to conventional methods has paramount advantages. Unlike our competition, highly-secured data and portability of coverage are more than just words; because our doctors will be as global as our patients, if you get sick on vacation in India, you can have a technician visit you at your hotel, though your doctor may call from Los Angeles. And as we redefine healthcare, likewise, your information won’t be stored behind the front desk in file folders awaiting water damage, fire damage or manipulation. It’ll be encrypted.


B) Tokens/Coins
Total Supply: 500,000,000,000
Circulating Supply: 350,000,000,000

C) Distribution and Allocation:
Investors: 5%
Team/Advisors: 19%
Marketing: 3%
Miscellaneous: 3%
Exchanges/Monthly Subscriptions: 70% (circulating supply)

Pools of Circulating Supply:
i) Exchanges (50% of Circulating Supply)
FaceCure coins will be purchased through centralized or decentralized exchanges for investment purposes only. They cannot be used for at-home visits, PODS or medical resources unless first converted to fiat.

ii) Membership (50% of Circulating Supply)
The total coin amount for the membership category will be held in reserve and issued to FaceCure subscribers monthly. e.g., $150 a month would grant users 50 coins to use on PODS, doctor visits and other services via the usage of a uniquely registered FaceCure debit card.

D) CureCoin’s Solvency and Longterm Valuation:
Similar to other projects in the cryptographic ecosystem, FaceCure’s native currency, CureCoin, will employ measures to fight against inflation and also provide tangible benefits for everyday investors. One of the methods by which we will strengthen our market capitalization is to utilize a trickling coin burn. FaceCure’s subscribers, after using their debit card, will expend a certain amount of tokens. Once the medical service is rendered and the coins have been withdrawn from the cardholder’s account, they will be erased from existence. To illustrate, if Johnathon Alvarez uses 20 of his monthly 50 Subscription Pool Coins to FaceTime his Doctor, those coins will be removed indelibly from the circulating supply, hypothetically bringing the total amount from 350,000,000,000 to 349,999,999,980. This reduction in supply will gradually give rise to the valuation of CureCoin on exchanges, leading to further investor involvement and recuperation. An eventual fork—a parallel coin implementation—will someday occur to keep up with rising demand for the FaceCure healthcare system.


Just as banks reappropriate their customers’ money, FaceCure will do the same. Once our members have paid their monthly subscriptions, the money will be ushered into a collective pool. From there it’s repurposed for Stock Market and FOREX trading. FaceCure will either license an existing algorithm or hire qualified daytraders to ensure the growth of our business. Most of the HFT profit will re-enter the collective pool to pay for coverage we cannot currently provide for our members, such as Emergency Room visits or Neonatal care, and the other monies will both reimburse investors and focus on the expansion of our brand. A portion of the ICO will go towards this same philosophy but will have its own pool or account.


Initially, FaceCure will spread across North America, specifically the United States. We’ll fly the franchisees into Las Vegas, Nevada, putting them up in a hotel for a weekend as part of the package, educating them over the course of two days on how to operate their business. From learning our website to electronic health records, interacting with customers, marketing, app functionality, tablet functionality, the hiring process of technicians among a nimiety of else, franchisees will leave with the knowledge they’ll need to operate their own branch. FaceCure’s goal is to train them for longterm success, just as it is for us to be the harbinger of healthcare’s future.


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