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FaceCure – The First Real Virtual Urgent Care

FaceCure is the world’s first virtual urgent care provider, revolutionizing convenience in a healthcare system where the sick are prisoners of tradition. Say goodbye to wait times, traffic and urgent care closures. Start saying hello to becoming a priority, in-home visits, and lower prices.



FaceCure has been incubated and launched (May 2018) by Eprosystem Inc., a certified complete EHR developer, web services and transactions provider (e-prescriptions, e-labs, e-claims, integration with HL7, EDI, CCDA), and medical billing services provider Eprosystem is a strategic partner to FaceCure, offering initial capital, development guidance, human resources, and operational infrastructure. FaceCure is available to download on Andorid or IOS. You can also visit FaceCure @ www.facecure.org, Facebook, or Instagram.

The FaceCure Vision

Global Leader
To be a global leader for products and solutions related to the healthcare industry.

Passion for quality, dedication to innovation, & commitment our employees.

Client Focused
To focus on providing solutions that enable our customers to reduce time & complexity in the healthcare industry.

To create software that transforms ideas into reality.

Cost Effective
To deliver the most cost effective solutions to our customers.